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Announcement: Mindflash Partners with eLearning Video Provider ej4

— by Dave Anderson


We’re delighted to announce that Mindflash customers can now purchase employee training video courses from ej4 with our new integration and partnership. A pioneer in the microlearning space, ej4 has a library of more than 2,300 videos, each averaging seven minutes in length.

Our friends at ej4 offer courses in 40+ categories, including compliance (OSHA and HIPAA) and workplace safety training. They also provide courses on general topics like sales, marketing, supervision, leadership, communication, business software, and more. Within each are multiple videos that cover specific lessons. Here are a few of the many perks of training your workforce with ej4:

  • Videos are short and to the point. They include only the necessary information to convey the intended lesson.
  • Content is developed with adult learning theory practices in mind.
  • Courses are reviewed and updated every 18-24 months to ensure content is fresh and relevant. Additionally, 10 new courses are added monthly.
  • Content is available in Spanish closed captioning. French and German closed captioning will be added soon.
  • Anti-harassment courses are applicable in every state. There are also specialty courses for states with unique laws like California, Connecticut, Maine, and New York.

Now, you’ll have content ready with a few clicks from ej4 and the best tool to deliver it with Mindflash, making training easier and more effective for everyone.

If you’re interested in purchasing ej4 courses or have any questions, reach out to your Mindflash account manager or email us at


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