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Customize Your Certificates

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We’re continually enhancing Mindflash on a monthly basis! Another month has passed and we’re happy to release another exciting new feature. Several of our features in our Pro Plan fall into customer training such as hiding Mindflash branding, Course Catalogs, being able to sell courses, custom domain, and now Custom Certificates. A highly requested feature and available only on the Pro Plan, Custom Certificates are exactly what they sound like, the ability to customize certificates that are sent to your trainees after a successful completion of a course or series. Custom Certificates is for you especially if your organization’s brand is important to you.

Many organizations are very sensitive to having their brand recognized and adhere to their branding guidelines whether it is shown to their internal and external customers alike. With Custom Certificates, Admins and Trainers can create their own certificates that adhere to these guidelines.

Diving into how this function works is quite basic. Simply navigate to the course or series that you are looking to have a Custom Certificate created for and select the “Customize” tab. From there, you can see the certificate that is currently selected if you have it turned on. Click on “Change certificate style” and click on “Custom Certificate” to open up the editor.

There are several functions in the Custom Certificate editor. Here, you are able to download a template to use as a guideline for design, upload the certificate background image, and download a PDF preview of the Custom Certificate with a trainee’s information as a sample so you can see what it will look like. And if you are interested, you can use the search box to plug in any trainee’s information when you download a PDF preview. We encourage all our users to download a PDF preview so you can make sure the certificates are designed in a way that you expect it to look like.

In the preview window below, after uploading a background image, you can get a quick view of the certificate while you select the fields that you want to display. There are several optional fields to choose from including the trainee name, course title, score, date of completion and your company name. In addition to the standard fields, we have also included an open text field along with a blank if you choose to not show anything, as well as up to 10 custom fields that you might be using in your account. Depending on how you use the custom fields, it is a great way for you to be able to include items such as Employee IDs, Department and Job Titles in the certificates.

And there you have it, Custom Certificates. If you have any questions about Custom Certificates or any Mindflash features, don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our help pages.

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