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Healthcare Compliance Training in the Cloud

— by Natia Seegars

For healthcare organizations looking to ensure they remain compliant, having the proper tools and training is essential. Companies must establish that their entire organization is compliant with ever-changing government regulations on both a local and national level.

Healthcare professionals often have trouble finding a reasonable amount of time for training, especially for those who cannot easily take time off of work to view or attend a long live training course. Therefore, utilizing a Learning Management System (LMS) to train and track success is very important when implementing a strategy for becoming and remaining compliant. By creating online healthcare training courses, you can provide a repository of information to deliver training quickly and effectively and keep your busy employees focused and at work.

Since continuous training is traditionally compulsory and compliance training is a mandatory for healthcare professionals, training departments would do well to utilize an LMS that is cloud-based and easy to use, easily tracks progress in real-time to demonstrate compliance, and allows organizations to scale the training dependent upon when and where they are delivering the content. As for the training designers themselves, while the content is somewhat stringent, the presentation does not have to be.

Cloud-based applications allow learners to access the training from anywhere there is Internet connection and on multiple different types of devices, be it from the office or home or can accommodate hybrid-learning scenarios. When choosing an LMS, it is important to consider one that allows the generation and presentation of media-rich content, PowerPoint presentations, video, etc. and one that is simple to use. It is safe to say the with compliance training that is mandatory for all employees, that there will be varying levels of technological competencies and savvy and different levels of knowledge and learning styles will abound. So, your LMS must be simple to use and easy to navigate and manage, and test and quiz formats might need to be flexible and available in different formats to suit different learning needs.

Healthcare compliance training must be able to be tracked and recorded and relevant reports easily generated in order to positively demonstrate that everyone is on the same page and fully trained in each area. This tracking functionality is necessary to easily identify and review who has completed the training with passing marks and be able to determine where to take the necessary action. Consistency, accuracy, and auditing are the hallmarks of LMS data tracking and highly relevant to compliance training.

Additionally, when choosing and working with an LMS, scalability needs to be taken into consideration. With ever-evolving and changing compliance materials and regulations, training managers need to be able to scale content up or down depending upon who needs to receive and pass the test. Scalability, in this context, also refers to the ability for training managers to shift and change the content itself to meet the personalized needs of the masses.

When used effectively, an LMS will become a key resource that goes beyond just a delivery platform and will be the best friend of the training team and Compliance Officer. Online elearning provides cost effective and flexible alternatives to traditional methods of training and can help to ensure that organizations maintain a safe, competent, and legally tractable healthcare workforce.

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