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How to Measure Online Training Engagement

— by mindflash

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How do you know if your online training course content is engaging? More importantly, which parts of your course is less engaging?  In traditional online learning, you don’t receive feedback until it’s too late, if you receive any feedback at all.  And for those trainees who do provide feedback, it may be unique to their experience, which will make it difficult for you to view this information in aggregate.  Another challenge for trainers is knowing which parts of their online course are engaging.

Today, with FocusAssist, trainers can now measure and report on which parts of their course are  less engaging than others.  How do we do it?  We worked with our partner, Sension on leveraging their technology to provide this level of feedback to the trainers.  Utilizing the webcam on the trainee’s computer, we analyze 74 key data points on the trainee’s expression to understand their level of engagement in the course’s content.  The data is then transformed and presented to the trainers through our Advanced Reports.

FocusAssist chart

To protect the trainee’s privacy and to provide the data in aggregate, we only show the reports after 5 trainees have completed the course.  Some key data points are available here:

  • The average duration for the entire course
  • The average trainee engagement score for the course where 100 means the course is 100% fully engaging
  • A distribution of this data across each slide in the course

When a trainer sees a slide that has a lower engagement than expected, they can click on the slide number and it will display the slide that is in question. The trainers can utilize this to identify the slide in question, and be able to take any action necessary to modify the slide to be more engaging.  How engaging is your training?

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