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Trakstar Adopts to Better Integrate Sales and Finance Operations

— by Matt Walton

Supplier of online training platform opts for better integration with Salesforce CRM

San Mateo, CA, Sep 08, 2010:, the global leader in online cloud accounting solutions built natively on the platform from, today announced that () has selected FinancialForce Accounting to more tightly integrate its finance and sales operations. is revolutionizing employee training by making online training easier, faster and more cost effective than ever before. Mindflash’s easy-to-use tools enable anyone to create a training on anything, using content they already have, and inserting quizzes and other learning materials to make sure employees have mastered the material. By using Mindflash, small business owners can be confident of each and every employee's abilities.

By leveraging FinancialForce Accounting, Mindflash is able to directly connect financial information with the company’s Salesforce CRM system, facilitating a tighter integration between financial and sales operations. The FinancialForce application enables Mindflash to consolidate the management of customers and financials within the suite to ensure the best possible customer service and overall business efficiencies.

“’s tight integration with our Salesforce CRM and the real-time financials provided by FinancialForce Accounting have enabled us to further optimize our customer service and business performance,” said Jason MacMurray, VP Operations and Partnerships,

FinancialForce Accounting works seamlessly with Salesforce CRM because it is built on the platform. FinancialForce Accounting automatically taps into the existing customer records, product lists and price lists in Salesforce CRM. It leverages all the infrastructure and software systems used to build Salesforce CRM, including its tools for customization, integration, reporting and collaboration. And because FinancialForce Accounting was built into Salesforce CRM – and not interfaced – it eliminates issues with master record synchronizations, time lags, transaction interfaces or batch updates that are typical when integrating non-native finance and accounting systems to Salesforce CRM.


Mindflash is revolutionizing employee training by making online training easier, faster and more cost effective than ever before. Mindflash helps organizations give employees the vital information they need to succeed. Mindflash’s easy-to-use tools allow users to create online courses for their colleagues, using content they already have, adding a quiz to ensure uptake and reporting on the results. investors include the Investment Group of Santa Barbara (IGSB). The company is based in Santa Barbara, Calif., with an office opening soon in Palo Alto, Calif.

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FinancialForce Accounting is the only online cloud accounting solution built natively on the platform from Based on 30 years of financial application development, it allows finance teams of organizations using Salesforce CRM to truly ‘Speak Salesforce,’ dramatically simplifying processes like invoicing, cash collection and customer service. And FinancialForce Accounting’s real-time, international financials solution fully leverages the native integration with Salesforce CRM, providing up to the minute market knowledge and collaboration at the speed of social networking.

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