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Mindflash Reviews:  Online Training to Scale Your Business

— by Natia Seegars

Business goals

Globalization means businesses have an ever increasing need to scale their operations, and recent Mindflash reviews suggest that we’re helping businesses do just that!

Mindflash Reviews:  Online Training to Scale Your Business

Growing companies are leveraging channel partners, building global supply chains, as well as expanding their regional sales and customer support teams. These developments present a new challenge. Companies must ensure that key members of the business ecosystem are equipped to adequately support their business functions. On-demand training on business-critical topics like compliance,  product knowledge, sales and customer service, or business process becomes paramount.

As a premiere Learning Management System (LMS), Mindflash empowers trainers with the tools they need to efficiently manage wide scale training programs that span geographic regions and involve a diverse body of internal and external business partners. The system also provides easy, on-demand access to critical training materials, ensuring training participants know what they need to when they need to. Mindflash reviews echo this, garnering customer accolades – and making multiple LMS “best of” lists – as people discover its versatility, power, and ease of use.

Check out what customers have to say in these Mindflash reviews.

“Mindflash is excellent for companies that are scaling up”

In their best-of list, the “Top 7 Cloud-Based Learning Management Systems,” Mindflash earned high marks from GetApp. GetApp says “Mindflash is excellent for companies that are scaling up … [and] useful for companies that need to do remote training with a large number of employees. It’s one of the easier LMS in terms of preparing and setting up a course, with very little training required.”       

“An ideal solution for large and medium business”

We also topped the LMS list for marketing consultant and Business2Community contributor Jawak Khan, who writes, “[The] corporate LMS industry is growing at a rapid rate and major technology firms are building LMS apps that can fulfill the training and development needs of modern day corporations … Mindflash is one of the leading cloud-based corporate LMS applications [and] an ideal solution for large and medium business.”

“Mindflash makes the training process radically easier”

FinancesOnline, a platform for online reviews of B2B and SaaS products, calls Mindflash “a tool that makes the training process of businesses radically easier and their yearly expenditure on training really measurable. Mindflash gives you a top online system when it comes to employee and customer training.”

The site also features reviews from verified users, which are fairly glowing, as seen on the screencap below:

“We wouldn’t have half of our clients if it weren’t for Mindflash”

Mindflash customer and FinancesOnline user Vicky writes, “We wouldn’t have half of our clients if it weren’t for Mindflash … [It’s] absolutely essential for globalized training, I know that now. It does everything, and pleases everybody, but what pleases me the most is being able to reach international customers and partners, which wouldn’t be possible without a program like this. Another group of faithful fans are our trainees, they are always looking for ways to improve our online presence.”

Mindflash Review - FinancesOnline Source: FinancesOnline

She continues: “[T]he best thing about Mindflash is that it allows you to train customers you wouldn’t even have otherwise. This is of utmost importance for a company’s development, profit, and international reputation.”

“I would recommend it to anybody”

Users at B2B software review site also had a positive experience.

As in the case of Matt Glass, Training Director with Aging in the Home Remodelers. He writes, “The ease of use is a huge reason why we purchased the service and also expanded. We started with the idea that we would only use Mindflash for the 25 agents in our call center. However, we now use it for our home office of 200 people. And [we] also use it with our corporate office, which does training for another 250 people. It’s been a great value and I would recommend it to anybody needing an LMS system.”

 Source: Capterra

Scale your business with Mindflash online training

Customers site Mindflash as a key partner for fast-growing companies and mid-large enterprises that need to scale and drive measurable business value. From meeting compliance requirements to increasing sales, business leaders find Mindflash invaluable for sales, product, process training and more. We offer integrations to help tie your training efforts to business results and a suite of APIs to further automate your training program.

Click here to schedule a customized demo. Find out if Mindflash is the right solution to help you take your business to the next level. 

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