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Setting New Hires Up For Success

— by Noel Diem

Once you have made a new hire, how can you set them up for success? It makes sense to think about every new employee as a chance to refresh and reset within a role, department, or even the entire company, so you need to set them up for success. One of the best ways you can do that is by enrolling your new employees in some kind of training. It may not seem like the most important thing to do – particularly if your employee was sorely needed – but it is pivotal for setting them up for success.

Ongoing training and efforts will always matter, and there are some things that you can “push” until a later date. However, within the first thirty days of employment, there are certain things you want to do. You need to set the tone for the position, the company, and day-to-day work that needs to be completed.

Before you make a hire, you need to think about how you can set them up for success and what that onboarding process is going to look like. What do you want them to be trained on? What do they need to do? What skill sets don’t they need to have? When you think about this, you are creating an onboarding process and a job description. 

Were there any gaps in their resume that you wanted them to train on? Where is their expertise most needed? When you answer these questions, you start to fill out the onboarding process.

Why Does The Timeline Matter?

If an employee is a good employee, why can’t they just do the necessary training at any point? They can – but it will still be the most impactful if you do it during that first month. New hires are still getting to know their jobs, their place in the company, the company itself, their coworkers, and even what is expected of them. They are nervous and unsure – a good onboarding experience can help solve that.

You’re also going to be taking advantage of their enthusiasm: employees very rarely want to just do a “good enough” job when they start. They want to impress. Taking the time to set them up with the tools they need for a successful career with your company is imperative. 

Remember that enthusiasm can fade pretty quickly, especially if they aren’t given what they need. Give them every opportunity to feel like they are welcomed to the team and ready to go – even if they have some catching up to do.

Enroll Them In Onboarding Sessions Right Away

As soon as your employee signs a contract, you probably have a good idea of what their onboarding will be – you put a lot of thought into the job posting, so why wouldn’t you? Whether that new hire starts the next day or sometime in the future, you should automatically enroll them into training. This could be basic training where they learn about employee style guides, culture, and organizational initiatives, or it could be something specific to the role or to the department. This will all depend on what you need from them – security training is a big one that all employees usually go through.

By automatically enrolling them, you are making sure that they see their calendar filling up and they know what’s next – they aren’t left thinking “what now?” Instead, they will see where they have free time (if other employees reach out), what they can start with, and what matters. Regardless, they already feel important and taken care of, which is important.

If you have onboarding or learning management software, you need to be sure that you have automatic enrollment options. This will streamline the process for you and remove the “bumps” in the road that so many new employees feel. Trakstar, for instance, takes employees from the moment of Hire and automatically enrolls them in the necessary training to get started.

Setting New Hires Up For Success Right Away

Give your employees the keys to success right away. You need to prepare in advance and get things organized once, and then you will have less work every time you onboard someone. The Trakstar Platform helps you do this by building a content library every time you make a course. You can enroll people in training so that they can do it on their own time when you are onboarding them or assign them specific times to get it done. You can even piece together training programs that last a week, four weeks, months, or even all year.

Some of the things you can prepare ahead of time include:

  • Company culture training – what are your rules? Who are you? Who makes up your company?
  • What are the KPIs an employee should reach?
  • Management systems for their work
  • Security training and certifications
  • Products and services from your company so they can familiarize themselves with the product
  • Customer profiles to better understand who is buying

It’s a ton of information, but when you use a good learning management system, you don’t have to keep recreating it.

Instantly Enroll New Hires In Onboarding With Trakstar

Hiring a new employee is a lot of work – good work that matters. You need to hire the right people, of course, but you also need to onboard them properly. We know that it comes to be a lot of repeated work and busy tasks that take away from some of the other important work you do. Sometimes, things like getting people the appropriate training they need can slip through the cracks, and you might not identify the issue for months. 

With a system like the Trakstar Platform, you are able to instantly add your new hires to your onboarding or training plans when you integrate Trakstar Hire to Trakstar Learn. You are less likely to make mistakes or “forget” something. 

Trakstar makes it easy for you to automate your onboarding process, get your new hires where they need to be as soon as they sign, and eliminate that feeling of being alone and overwhelmed during training – especially for remote onboarding. Whether you onboard people one at a time or you onboard entire classes, you’ll take hours of work and automate it with a single click.

If you are new to the Trakstar Platform and want to learn more about Trakstar Learn and Trakstar Hire, you can schedule a demo.

If you are already using Trakstar Learn or Trakstar Hire and want to combine them for an easier, more beneficial hiring and onboarding process, you can talk to your account manager or schedule a time here for a demo.

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