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Top eLearning Trends for 2023 To Know

— by Noel Diem

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All signs point to learning, training, upskilling, and development being a massive focus for human resources departments – including elearning. As more companies focus on retaining their best employees instead of hiring new talent, we all need to find ways to build a better workplace. One way to encourage employees to grow and improve their culture is to build an elearning program that allows employees to work at their own pace and develop their skills slowly.
Human resources departments and trainers can build their own materials or use a learning management system like Trakstar Learn to develop, store, administer, review, and analyze elearning materials. To learn more about Trakstar Learn, you can schedule a demo today.

What is eLearning?

eLearning – or electric learning – is the delivery of learning materials and training in a digital format. This is largely considered a formal learning process, though some do not consider it when planning training and development. Any material distributed or courses taught using computers, tablets, and phones that are connected to the internet constitute elearning. 

Elearning is one of the most popular forms of career development and advancement because it makes it easier for learners to access materials anytime and anywhere. They can fit courses into their own schedules and take control of their career progression. For growing, changing, or developing workforces, elearning increases the effectiveness of materials and employee engagement.

Top eLearning Trends for 2023 and Beyond

The top elearning trends for 2023 all focus on making employee development and engagement more achievable and equitable for everyone. The current trends in elearning surround creating beautiful courses with matching colors, fonts, images, and videos – and while that still matters, there’s a focus on making good content rather than just making a lot of it.

eLearning Focused On Clear Objectives

TikTok user Lae Lidria suggests that some of the most popular games adults play (known as cozy games) tend to give people jobs. People will end their traditional workdays, where they feel burnt out and tired, only to go play another game where they have “jobs.” Why does this feel different to them? She thinks it all goes back to clear objectives – players have something they need to do in order to advance, and they are clearly given the steps to get there – or they know how to find them.

In the future, elearning will be part of the predetermined steps for success in most workplaces. If someone wants to advance and get promoted, become a leader, or see a salary increase, they will need to take specific steps. Elearning will help clearly define those steps and be a part of them at the same time.

eLearning That Leads to Advancements

In that same Tiktok, Lae says that gamers know what they have to do to advance, and they are getting constant feedback on how close they are getting to achieving a new rank or level. This is something that elearning will do in 2023 and beyond. Use elearning as a stepstone to the next level or rank. 

Learning just for learning’s sake will work for some people – after all, some of us are just born students. However, elearning market trends and forecasts show that the majority of people don’t want to learn just to learn. 

Microlearning Emerges The Victor

Microlearning will undoubtedly emerge as the victor of elearning trends over the next few years. Microlearning courses are built in shorter segments so they can be taken quickly. These courses improve retention by up to 80% and, in particular, help millennial and Gen Z learners

For a long time, people avoided microlearning because they thought it didn’t feel lofty enough for corporate training. However, microlearning is proven to help because it uses repetition and breaks things down into learnable chunks. As microlearning continues, the focus is on building upon the previous lessons.

Microlearning also helps improve employee engagement and motivation. Hour (or hours) long courses can feel daunting to employees. They may put off training or avoid doing it at all. 

Push To Close Skills Gaps

Of course, there are trends within the elearning courses we administer. For 2023, there will be a push to close skills gaps within the workforce. Employers aren’t going to put as much focus on hiring this year. Instead, they are going to want to develop and advance employees who are good employees who have a chance to be great.

It isn’t difficult to close skills gaps with focused training, and 2023 is going to be about finding the best ways to close gaps within specific teams or within the company as a whole. When building these courses, don’t forget about building soft skills elearning courses as well.

Departmental Training On The Rise

Emerging studies show that there may be better approaches than building training across the workforce, in specific cases. Instead, directors and managers will build courses specifically for their team, considering their learning styles, strengths and weaknesses, and personalities. These courses may not be as flashy or exciting as some other courses, and that’s okay. There’s a place for both multimedia courses that are professional and polished and those that simply relay the information they need to relay. Use departmental learning to build towards success and when setting departmental goals.

When we have different departments building training, this is where analytics really comes into play. You’ll need to see who is truly capable of creating materials that work and who may need some additional support. Trakstar Learn has a built-in analytics dashboard, Trakstar Insights, to help do some of this work and provide presentation-ready reports.

Accessible Learning

The most important elearning “trend” of 2023 isn’t a trend at all – it is righting a wrong. We need to build elearning content that is accessible to all of our employees. This means creating courses that incorporate different learning styles, of course, but also courses that reflect your workforce.

Be sure that your videos include captions, whenever possible. Using elearning software is a great way to ensure that your courses are adaptable and that you’ve eliminated as many barriers as possible. Trakstar Learn can help you overcome barriers and build better courses that fit the needs of your workforce, whatever type of student they are.

Develop an elearning Program That Defies Trends

Trakstar is one of the leading HR platforms that helps you make smarter decisions around your hiring, educating, engaging, and retaining your employees. With the help of Trakstar’s purpose-built training and onboarding software, you can engage everyone in your workforce with elearning. Learn allows trainers, HR, and anyone who wants to make a learning course to build courses that withstand the test of time (and if they don’t, they are easy to update). 

Even better, Insights for Trakstar Learn helps you to monitor the effectiveness of your employees and the training you create. When armed with this data, you can make the small but powerful changes you need to have an even better employee training program.

To learn more about Trakstar’s platform, including Trakstar Learn, you can schedule a personalized demo today.

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