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Mindflash is now Learn, part of the new Trakstar Trifecta alongside Hire and Perform

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The implementation of Trakstar Learn has streamlined our training. Everyone hears the same clear, concise message across the board. The ability to do training online with Learn allows our providers to do what they went to school for – see patients!
Kerri Greene / Project Manager of Training & Education / Capital Women’s Care


Healthcare regulations, HIPPA compliance issues, and new technologies are continually evolving. Further, CWC’s recent implementation of Electronic Health Records (EHR) added a new layer of complexity to the daily lives of its staff. As a result, CWC’s ongoing training needs skyrocketed. CWC urgently required the ability to efficiently track which employees had successfully taken training courses to ensure compliance and appropriately give access to data and technology.

Further complicating matters, staff and providers are rarely all in the same room, making live training challenging to organize. Also, most of the computers at CWC’s facilities are locked down with use restricted to minimal tasks relating to patient care. This restricted use of computers made online training challenging. Kerri Greene, Project Manager in charge of Training and Education, was given the difficult task of finding and implementing a solution.


Kerri realized that CWC needed a self-paced online training solution to complement their live classes and webinars. After consulting with CWC’s IT provider, Kerri discovered Trakstar Learn. She enjoyed the ease-of-use of Learn and loved the fact that she could upload the training files she already had created. Capital Women’s Care launched its first course within days, and now its Learn training program has dozens of courses with over 600 trainees, including 140 providers and clinical staff.

With Trakstar Learn, Kerri can now:

The staff has appreciated the flexibility of being able to take training anytime, anywhere. The Learn mobile option is particularly useful as clinical staff are always on the move. The iPads are also the ideal training delivery device for providers during their breaks in between patient visits. Further, it allows staff to take the training online without using the locked-down CWC computers.

“Everyone loves the iPad training!” Kerri says. “The interactive modules on the iPad give the user the ability to touch and feel connected to the information that is being deployed, helping trainees learn and stay engaged. Also, as a trainer, my job is easier knowing that staff can access Learn mobile training courses no matter where they are located.”


They have dramatically scaled the training program without increasing the number of full time trainers. Further, trainees are now receiving the exact same clear and direct training, ensuring fairness and efficiency.
They're providing more training, but they have reduced costs as well.
The end result is that the staff is better at their day-to-day work due to the new training program.

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