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Mindflash is now Learn, part of the new Trakstar Trifecta alongside Hire and Perform

Learn more about how the Trakstar platform is revolutionizing talent management through integrated, flexible solutions.

We love the Mindflash certification programs we are running right now and are planning to utilize it for more vendor and user training.
Senior Enterprise Data Manager / Fortune 500 Retailer


One of the world’s largest specialty retailers, with more than 2,000 superstores throughout North America, was on the verge of a major transition. The company was about to roll out new vendor management software to its global network of suppliers.

The new system would power SKU listings for everything from store sales to its online presence. It would provide custom spreadsheets of more than 60 columns for each SKU, with cells for detailed information including price, color, size, weight, web descriptions, long-form descriptions, shipping options, and much, much more.

The challenge? Educate more than 12,000 trainees at more than 3,000 vendors on how to use the new software. The training was not optional. It was essential to the continued successful operations of the nearly $90 billion company. And the deadline was fast approaching.


The company’s IT department, which was responsible for the vendor management software rollout, also took charge of the Mindflash training. Course creation included screenshots, Powerpoint slides, and videos. The Mindflash API was used to assign courses to trainees through integration with the company’s internal product catalog and vendor portal.

Trainees were able to take the Mindflash training anywhere, anytime, on any device. Using Mindflash, this Fortune 500 retailer provided a seamless, consistent user experience across multiple organizations, platforms, and devices, with minimal IT support. The solution also enabled the company to easily track and assess trainee progress in real-time to ensure effective learning and demonstrate compliance with corporate policies.

Certification training on Mindflash was required for all vendors before they could use the new system. The training was completed within six weeks and included 31,000 certified course completions.

Now that the company’s entire supplier network is up and running on the new vendor management software, Mindflash continues to play a critical role in onboarding new vendors on an ongoing basis.


Large scale vendor management software training program competed in six weeks.
More than 12,000 trainees educated at more than 3,000 vendors.
31,000 certified course completions.

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