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Mindflash is now Learn, part of the new Trakstar Trifecta alongside Hire and Perform

Learn more about how the Trakstar platform is revolutionizing talent management through integrated, flexible solutions.

Right away, I realized how intuitive Mindflash is. It’s robust in what it offers yet is still so easy to use.
Tonya Marley / MLS Administrator / The Lubbock Association of REALTORS®


New members are required to complete a multiple listing service (MLS) training course. Before implementing Mindflash, the course was conducted in person, which presented the following challenges:


The association moved their MLS training to Mindflash in 2016 and now enjoy all the advantages of an online learning management system (LMS) built for a great user experience like Mindflash. They’ve experienced the following benefits to date:


Members enjoy the seamless learning experience the Mindflash LMS offers. The association rarely gets questions on how to access or use the software.
The course creation process is “dead simple,” according to Tonya. It takes her a few hours to build a multiple module course consisting of PowerPoint slides, narration, and quizzes.
The association now offers optional courses on Mindflash that help members get more value out of being part of the organization.

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