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With Trakstar Learn VSP Builds Large-Scale Training

An “army of one” trainer needed a learning management solution capable of delivering training to over 800,000 staff across 34,000 optician offices. Learn helps VSP train opticians, ophthalmologists, assistants, and managers at large scale, across the extensive, national VSP provider network. VSP exceeded their training goals by 350% and has adopted Learn as their primary channel for external training.

One trainee called it the best training he’s ever experienced in his 40 years of optical practice.

Kate Monahan / Manage of Sales Learning and Development / VSP Optics Group


VSP Optics Group is a division of VSP Global, a $2.6 billion vision benefits and services company with 4,000 employees worldwide. VSP supports eye care professionals by providing lenses, lab services, and other products to help people see. The vast VSP provider network includes more than 34,000 offices with staff ranging from one to 50.

VSP Optics has a strong focus on educating its provider network. Opticians and ophthalmologists are trained on new VSP products, as well as how to more effectively use VSP services, improve efficiency, and increase patient satisfaction.

At the start, Kate Monahan, Manager of Sales Learning and Development, was a one-woman training department looking for a way to scale training to meet the needs of the VSP network. She found Learn online, signed up for a trial, and within an hour created a mockup training. “I liked that Learn was intuitive, cloud-based, and Salesforce compatible,” says Monahan. “Administration is easy, and the solution is affordable on a per user basis.”


VSP Optics now offers 26 courses for both internal and external audiences on subjects including lens products, lab services, promotions, dispensary practices, and custom glasses fitting, as well as insurance claim processes. The Learn solution has been customized to reflect the VSP brand. It is available through a VSP portal for external training of opticians, ophthalmologists, assistants, and managers throughout the VSP provider network.

The Learn dashboard allows VSP Optics to monitor training progress in real-time closely. External Training Administrator Lynnise Davis uses the dashboard to track log-ins, course progress, and completions. She has added custom fields to categorize trainees by role: optician, doctor, assistant, and manager. “Trakstar Learn is user-friendly and easy to learn,” says Davis.

“I find myself looking at the dashboard all the time,” says Jeremy Burgess, National Sales Trainer. “It’s so quick I can get a snapshot of what’s happening in real-time.”

The VSP Optics training team began using Learn for external training in May 2016, with a goal of 90-course completions by the fourth quarter. As of October, the team had far exceeded its goal, with 320 completions and another 150 in progress.

The Learn training has won high praise from trainees. According to Monahan, “One trainee called it the best training he’s ever experienced in his 40 years of optical practice.”


26 training courses created, with more to come.
320 individuals trained in the first six months.
Thousands of course completions since launch.

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