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Mindflash is now Learn, part of the new Trakstar Trifecta alongside Hire and Perform

Learn more about how the Trakstar platform is revolutionizing talent management through integrated, flexible solutions.


Simplify Content Creation and Delivery

The Trakstar Learn LMS is designed to deliver extensive e-learning for everyone involved in your business. Use it to conduct onboarding, safety training, and ongoing professional development for employees, partnersresellers, and more. And since the platform is hosted in the cloud, trainees can access coursework anywhere, anytime via the device of their choice (Android or iOS smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop).

Mindflash LMS User Management

A Powerful Features Set

Trakstar Learn sets itself apart from other online learning platforms with the following features:

  • Dynamic content – Build courses by uploading content in any format (PDFs, Word docs, PowerPoints, videos, voice-overs, and both Adobe Captivate and Articulate Storyline SCORM files).
  • Efficient project management tools – Segment training groups, create automated reminders and get insight into your training programs with real-time analytics.
  • White-label branding – Align the training experience with your brand by customizing your training email, domain, and trainee dashboard.

Modern Training Tools

Learn is the ideal LMS for creating and delivering impactful training programs across your company. Request a live demo today and see our industry-leading elearning platform in action.

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Talk to a Trakstar Learn Product Expert for 15 minutes and determine if Learn is a good fit for your needs.

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