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Mindflash is now Learn, part of the new Trakstar Trifecta alongside Hire and Perform

Learn more about how the Trakstar platform is revolutionizing talent management through integrated, flexible solutions.


Accessible Distance Learning

Employees around the world access their online courses using any computer or Android and iOS mobile device. They acquire business-critical knowledge and skills wherever they are, whenever they’re ready to learn. Course completion deadlines and automated email reminders ensure each employee meets their training objectives on time.

Mindflash LMS Quizzing and Assessment Options

Enhance the Learning Experience

Remote learning offers numerous advantages over in-person training. The following Learn features will elevate your organization’s employee training programs:

  • Seamless course creation – Build a virtual classroom in minutes by uploading existing course material content in any format, including Word docs, PDFs, Powerpoints, voice-over webinars, and video.
  • Segment training groups – Easily share relevant online courses with the right teams or groups of employees.
  • Include quizzes – Test your employees’ knowledge by building quizzes consisting of different question types, including multiple choice, true/false, multiple correct, and more.
  • Monitor progress – Get an at-glance overview of each employee’s online course completion progress.
  • Measure training impact – Generate reports that provide insight into the impact of remote training on cost, revenue, and profitability.

The Leader in Remote Learning Software

Learn is built to meet the business requirements of modern organizations. We take every measure to protect your data and are trusted by CIOs from leading companies. Trakstar Learn also includes white-label branding so you can customize the look and feel of your learning management system to match your other employee management software.

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