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Power of Virtual Coaching on an mLearning Platform

— by Austin Martin

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Corporate learning and development is an ever evolving process. Whether someone chooses to take a certification course, take a trade school class or go through college; getting your staff to better themselves is crucial to the success of your enterprise.

Not everyone has time get the type of coaching, schooling or classes that they're interested in. As a trainer, virtual coaching can be used as a powerful tool to open up the doors to those that are not able to get the learning that they want, and to keep overhead low by saving on travel costs.

What is virtual coaching?

Virtual coaching takes place when the teacher (or coach) is able to teach a class from a remote location through a digital medium.  The virtual coach connects with students through a program that allows real time interaction. They can talk through the microphone, share handouts, and show what they are teaching on a screen. This helps the students have a more social environment for learning, but they can access it wherever they are and effectively learn and retain the material.

The Next Generation of Learning

The mobile learning (mLearning) space continues to grow. Through the use of mLearning, many full time employees of companies are now finding it easier than ever to get the education and training they desire, without having to spend much time doing so, but still retaining the information easily. Not only does mLearning provide the user with an easier and more effective way of assimilating information, but it is opening up doors for companies, businesses and schools to better their learning materials through the use of the platform that allows them to do so.

mLearning + Virtual Coaching

By setting up courses on an LMS that are available through mobile devices, and provide real time notifications to trainers, you can set up a virtual coaching scenario relatively easily.

Through various resources, modern trainers are able to provide a great learning environment for employees that need to learn on the go and ensure that they have learning accountability, tracking, and easy access on the go.

ASCD shows that even 6th graders can benefit through the power of virtual coaching, keeping a “bug in the ear” of your trainees. Virtual coaching can be essential for your learning environment to motivate students to learn company material and better themselves. With millennial attention spans shortening, some students have a harder time retaining training materials through traditional mediums. By transforming yourself into a virtual coach, and allowing your staff to train on mobile devices, you will stay ahead of the game in your industry!

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