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Case studies / Johnson Health Tech

Johnson Health Tech

Johnson Health saves $200,000 in a year using Mindflash

Leading international fitness equipment manufacturer identifies the need for an online training program to educate contracted sales reps and others across Asia, Europe, South America, and North America. Johnson Health Tech chooses Mindflash for its ease-of-use, ability to utilize existing materials and anytime, anywhere mobile delivery in multiple languages. Hundreds of courses delivered in five languages for 6,000 trainees, who have completed over 30,000 courses since launch.

With sales reps in 18 countries speaking five languages, getting everyone up to speed was virtually impossible. Mindflash makes it incredibly easy to train online, and has saved us over $200,000 this year alone.

Jocelyn Vande Velde / Director of Education & Sales Training / Johnson Health Tech


Johnson Health Tech is a $17 billion Taiwan-based manufacturer of commercial and residential fitness equipment. The company sells its market-leading product line through a number of contracted sales representatives for seven brands, including Horizon, Matrix, and Vision, in more than 18 countries.

Johnson used to conduct 100% of its training in-person but lacked a centralized director of training to manage the company’s needs. Without company-wide oversight on training, content and effectiveness were highly varied from country to country, and trainees received a different standard of training in each office. Beyond problems of inconsistency, this system also resulted in duplicated efforts throughout offices, wasted time and unnecessarily high training costs.

Realizing the lack of consistency across the company and the need for a revamped training program, Johnson hired a Director of Education and Sales Training, Jocelyn Vande Velde. Vande Velde determined that online training would be a more efficient solution for the company’s specific needs, and finding the right technology to create, deliver and track that training became her top priority. She was looking for rapid course development tools that could easily be translated, to support her international team and meet their need for fast course deployment. She spent a considerable amount of time searching for an online training solution to train contracted sales reps and others across Asia, Europe, South America, and North America.


Johnson Health Tech chose Mindflash for five main reasons:


Johnson Health Tech has quickly developed hundreds of courses for over 6,000 trainees.
Courses are delivered in five languages.
Over 30,000 course completions since launch.

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